Combining fast access, Single Sign-On (SSO) and protected health information (PHI) security features to support mobile clinicians.


Populating the roaming workstation with the correct patient data and applications based on the caregiver’s location.


Contextually integrating the EHR with health intelligence applications at the point of care.


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    Aventura Introduces Workflow Optimization Solution that Addresses Common Technical Obstacles with Speech Recognition Applications
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“Clinicians find that security solutions require more passwords, with increased length and complexity, shorter timeout intervals and more frequent password change cycles. This results in a negative user experience and further motivation to try to circumvent security measures.”

Security & Workflow Can Co-Exist, Learn How

Gartner, Healthcare Delivery Organizations Will Need Stronger Security to Participate in Digital Business,  Zafar Chaudry, M.D., Barry Runyon,  2 April 2015; Analyst