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Aventura leverages situational awareness to deliver a highly secure, personalized clinical desktop with single sign on technology. With security, personalized desktop and interoperability functionality, Aventura’s Sympatica™ platform is a flexible, modular offering that fits every operational need and budget.


Situational Awareness

Security and workflow optimization based on intrinsic knowledge of:



Based on where healthcare professionals are located, situational awareness software allows unique application and printing options.



Each clinician is unique; so their desktop experience should be unique too. Personalized desktops give each users options based on role.



No longer a need to hunt and peck through each open chart, situational awareness knows the patient in care and can present the specific records.



With simplified printer management, you’ll save valuable time with Sympatica; the system will instantly locate the closest printer.

Health 2.0

Health 2.0

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  • September 25-28, 2016
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A Situational Awareness Platform for



Two factor authentication functionality that delivers highly secure access to the clinical desktop and balances security with workflow optimization.
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Personalized Desktop

Personalized Desktop

Provides secure and fast access to a personalized clinical desktop based on ambient knowledge of who the user is and their location, saving much-needed time.
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Contextual Interoperability

Contextual Interoperability

Real-time, patient-contextual interoperability between the health system’s Electronic Health Records and disparate applications.
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Benefits of Sympatica

  • Customized Clinical Computing Experience
  • Fast Access to Support Mobile Clinicians
  • Always Active Sessions Promote Mobility and Portability
  • Single Sign-On Eliminates Having to Remember Multiple Passwords
  • Automated Log-Out Speeds Shutdown Process
  • Secures access to the desktop

How Sympatica Addresses IT Security

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor desktop authentication fulfills basic security and HIPAA audit requirements

ID Badge "Tap & Go"

ID badge “Tap & Go” provides convenient, consistent and secure desktop access


Single sign-on simplifies multiple password problem and promotes time savings

Privacy Screens

Privacy screen functionality hides Protected Health Information (PHI)

Idle Time-out

Idle time-out configurations secure sessions if they are left unattended

ID Badge Tap-out

ID badge “tap-out” instantaneously secures sessions and making devices available for other users

Sympatica Security Features

Two-factor Authentication

Step-down Authentication

Obscure Screen

Impact of Sympatica

  • 69% reduction in login time
  • 26.6 minutes saved logging in per shift
  • Nurses recouped 15.4 minutes of wait time per shift
  • Physicians saved 45 minutes per shift
  • Achieves HIPAA Compliance
  • Meets state regulations for e-prescribing controlled substances

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