Wearing a Tie Clip With a Built in MP3 Player Never Sounded so Cool

We continually hear about all the new MP3 related inventions out there. Most of the designs revolve around current MP3 players that are popular. The more modern inventions are taking these name brand items and added slight advancements to them. Occasionally, someone comes along who wants to enhance the MP3 player concept itself. No name brands are needed to fund or provide them with the marketing medium to sell the product. Their invention is just a smart idea that is just cool to know about. Designer Jin-Woo Han is one of these individuals who decided to make the MP3 that much more relaxed. Designers and inventors alike have been creating designs to make the outside of the MP3 player that much more interesting. This has resulted in the creation of MP3 pens, ties, and even shoes. Nike created a pair of shoes that actually allows you to connect your MP3 chip to them and listen to your music as you run. Jin-Woo Han felt the need to create another way to listen to your music on the go. In fact, he wanted to create an “established/distinguished” way to listen to your MP3 player. Thus, the birth of the first every MP3 tie clip was born. You no longer have dress up nice and kill the style with a bulky looking MP3 player. Welcome to the future of a distinguished MP3 look. When it comes to the MP3 player tire clip, what you see is what you get. Your colleagues will become quickly drawn to your tie clip for a few reasons. One, they will be wondering why a headphone cord is going up to your ear from the device. Two, they will be able to see the exact song you are listening to by just looking at the tie clip. Scrolled across the tie clip will be the title and artist of what you are listening to. This is made possible because Han designed a multipurpose display device that incorporates LCD display technology. The screen pure has a single-line display that will display the song information or even a special message you decided to write. Jin-Woo Han was able to create the device by recreating the MP3 player’s internal set-up. He had to plot a plan that saw him take apart the current MP3 design and put it back together in his own way. The result was this neat little tie clip. Reviews of the product by several tech geek web blogs have been incredibly positive. Many of them feel that this invention is top of the line and will draw some interest. Han was smart enough to create the product himself without any corporate backing. This allows him to market the idea himself and make more money if he was ever to enter a partnership. Be smart and cool the next time you go out to an important function. Pick up one of Han’s tie clips and feel ultra-cool.

6 Tips In Choosing The Right Headphones For People With Hearing Aids

headphones work best with hearing aids
Hearing loss is something that isn’t fun. And, there are a number of individuals that suffer from hearing loss. In fact, there is a good chance that at least every person in the world knows someone that is hearing impaired. Sometimes hearing loss is something that just naturally occurs and sometimes it is because individuals expose themselves to loud sounds for prolonged periods of time. Whatever the reason for your hearing loss it doesn’t mean that you need to suffer and miss out. Thanks to technology there are a number of devices like hearing aids that can improve your overall hearing abilities. You also have hearing impaired headphones available to you that can make listening to music and watching TV more enjoyable. However, before you just run out and invest in a pair of these headphones there are a number of things that you need to be aware of.

Analyze Your Hearing Aid

If you want to choose a pair of hearing impaired headphones that are going to be productive and comfortable, you have to know your hearing aid. Not every type of hearing impaired headphone out there will work with all hearing aids. For instance, over the ear headphones are not a good fit for individuals that wear in the ear (ITE) hearing aids. And, this is because in the ear hearing aids are custom made and worn on the outer part of the ear. They are very well visible for the outside. Trying to wear a pair of over the ear headphones with this type of hearing assistance device would simply be uncomfortable because the headphones wouldn’t fit over the ear very well. This is why it is important to analyze your hearing aid and know what headphones will work with your hearing assistance device.

Analyze Your Hearing Aid Function

Not only do you need to understand the type of hearing aid that you are using, but you need to understand your hearing aid function as well. What is the reason for requiring the assistance of a hearing aid? Individuals that wear invisible in the canal hearing aids usually suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss, whereas individuals that wear in the canal hearing aids suffer from mild to mildly severe hearing loss. Entirely in the canal hearing aids are for individuals that suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. In the ear hearing aids are used for mild to severe hearing loss, the receiver in the canal hearing aids are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, and behind the ear hearing aids are designed for individuals that suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss.

Adjustable And Independent Controls

When you are shopping for hearing impaired headphones it will be imperative to choose a model that offers adjustable and independent controls. This will give you the ability to adjust the volume and bass level right from the headphones. You won’t have to get up and walk over to the TV or your device to adjust the levels.

Noise-Canceling Technology

Noise-canceling technology is another feature that you are going to want to look for. This feature will cancel out all background noise. This is a feature that is essential because most people like to turn the volume up when they are distracted by background noises. Exposing your hearing to harsher and louder sounds is a practice that will only further damage your ears. This is something that you will want to avoid at all costs and noise-canceling technology can help you block out those unwanted sounds without increasing the volume.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is something that is growing more and more popular and it really is easy to understand why. Some models of hearing impaired headphones also come available with this technology. Headphones with Bluetooth technology will give you the ability to listen to music and make phone calls when you are on the move.

Consider Balance Controls

If you are an individual that has didn’t levels of hearing in each ear then you will want to consider a pair of headphones that offer balance control abilities. This feature will give you the ability to adjust the volume for each ear. This will help prevent further damage to the ear with better hearing.

7 Benefits of Bringing a Rechargeable Lighter on Travel

USB Electric Arc Lighter
Looking to make your travel trip safer? While you would want to bring in everything from a mobile charger to a survival first aid kit, there is that one other thing you wouldn’t forget – a rechargeable lighter. Here is the thing – while you might be well accustomed to using your ordinary lighter, they aren’t that safe while traveling. Apart from the fact that they tend to run out quickly, they are inflammable as well, a reason you need to take proper care of them at all times.

How Can a Rechargeable Lighter Help?

With a traditional lighter, you can use it for only a few things.
Besides the fact that they should not be brought near kids at any cost, it can even prove hazardous for adults through accidents over which we have no control. But, fire is a necessity at the end of the day. Not only do we need it on a day-to-day basis, but our daily life would also probably come to a halt without it. But, does that also apply when you’re traveling? Well, considering that you need to light fires in a camp to make food, it also serves as a source of light and keeps you warm during extreme cold conditions, it’s most definitely a necessity greater than most other things on your packing list. However, if the dangers of fire can be encountered at home, they are even more detrimental while traveling. It could catch fire anytime in case the matchstick is even half lit, or the wind could blow splinters of fire which could end up on someone. There are a hundred such instances in which fire proves to be more dangerous than useful. But that doesn’t mean we can do without it, can we? The best possible alternative to fire, in the present day and age, is to carry a rechargeable lighter during travel instead of matchsticks or conventional lighters filled with mercury (which, by the way, is highly dangerous too). They are safe, efficient, and instrumental. If you’re not convinced yet to invest in a rechargeable lighter.

The Top 7 Benefits of Carrying a Rechargeable Lighter With You

travelers need this TSA-approved USB lighter Read on to find out about their 7 top benefits so that you make sure to carry one the next time you travel:

1. Rechargeable

Invest in a rechargeable lighter, and you can use for that a LONG time. No worries of the mercury running out in the middle of use. You can charge it once using a USB before leaving the house, and you’re set for a long, long time. These battery-operated lighters use a minimal amount of energy and are hence energy-saving too.

2. Windproof

Remember all those times that you had to find a shelter from the wind to light something? That doesn’t apply to rechargeable lighters since the battery-operated flames are uninterrupted by the wind. With fuel-run lighters, it gets tough to burn something right when you need it f you’re outdoors, in weather conditions that won’t allow you to light that bonfire up. It comes in convenient for when you are traveling.

3. Doesn’t Make Any Sound

Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night to have a smoke, and to light that fire, you end up waking your roomie up too. That’s too much of a hassle to just enjoy a smoke, right? Rechargeable lighters are as quiet as a church mouse and are perfect for when you have to sneak out of the hotel room or camp and enjoy smoke just by yourself without disturbing anyone. You can charge them on the go, any time with maybe just a USB port from your laptop!

4. Free of Butane and Fossil Fuel

The rechargeable lighters are the future of those butane and fossil fuel filled lighters that are not only detrimental to our energy budget but also to the environment. Imagine the damage about 2 billion disposable lighters have on earth. They contribute to harmful emissions and even run the risk of setting up fire at a landfill, leading to large-scale air pollution. Wherever you go, you can now reduce your carbon footprint by merely using a rechargeable lighter,

5. Drop Proof

Save the lighter from going obsolete the minute you accidentally drop it on the floor, and it breaks and leaks. Rechargeable lighters are not only free of any fluid that is prone to leakages, but they also last longer owing to their sturdy built.

6. Efficient and Light Weight

Rechargeable lighters are now allowed to be carried even when you’re traveling by air (albeit not in the hand luggage). This means that you won’t have to buy a lighter, which is harmful and short-term anyway, every time you take a flight. As for the weight, these are super light-weight and wouldn’t take up any space as well. Their leak-proof quality also allows you to pack it anywhere.

7. Eco-Friendly

It’s high time you think about all the greenhouse gases that every butane-filled lighter emits every time it is lit. They are made up of materials that are hard to recycle. Over the years, they break up, leaking any remaining fluid, and degrade to lower bits of plastics which end up in the oceans, no matter where you dump them and eventually harm the environment in a scale larger than we can imagine. Make a sustainable move and shift to rechargeable lighters. Dual arc technology  

Make Your Travel Experiences Better

You know that you want to do more on your travel. Rechargeable lighters are, hence, far better, safer, more efficient, and more convenient than butane-filled lighters. They don’t punch a hole in your wallet, so it’s an absolute win-win situation!   Reference:

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones Review – Is it the best headphone?

Beats Solo 3 Review
The Apple-owned Beats brand is certainly nothing short of the worldwide phenomenon that owns it. It is undoubtedly a premium brand that sells premium products with indisputable quality. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones are the perfect example of a pair of indestructible headphones. They are a costly buy with just a hair under a whopping $300 like any other premium-priced product, but the features and specifications of these beauties certainly justify the steep price. You must think that a flimsy piece of mere plastic must definitely not cost this much but the specs on this beauty make the buy worth it!
Let’s check out a comprehensive review of this product complete with its pros and cons!


So, what would you like about the Beats Solo 3? Here are a few of the things we liked and disliked about it. PROS – Incredible wireless performance without any glitches – Comfortable to wear and super light – Amazing sound quality especially when you play modern electronic music CONS – Flimsy construction that is predominantly plastic-rich – Could be better at handling acoustic music – Doesn’t work too well without the presence of an iOS device Beats Solo 3  


So, what is it about the Beats Solo 3 that you would like? We had a look at all that it had to offer, and bring to you its better features that make it worth a try.

1. Excellent Bluetooth performance

The most fantastic feature of this headphone is its connectivity. The feature is totally automatic on Beats Solo 3. When the headphone is brought near the vicinity of a Bluetooth enabled iPhone, the headphone automatically connects to the iPhone. The connectivity is instant. These are the moments you truly embrace wireless technology. When you connect the headphones to an iPhone, the battery level of the headphones is displayed on the phone. The connectivity is also impressive on Android. There are no breaks or hiccups when it comes to sound, and the quality is also very high.

2. Great battery life

Beats call their battery charging technology “Fast Fuel.” The battery charging capabilities of this pair of beauty are amazing. It can have playback of 3 hours with just a 5-minute charge. When you first turn on the headphones, you will hear a voice estimate of the battery charge that remains on the headphones. The only gripe with Solo 3 is it still uses a micro USB rather than a USB-C. In the age of USB-C, it is a surprise that Beats didn’t consider employing the latest charging option.

3. Caters to critical music listening, especially the modern electronic music

Not only does Beats Solo 3 look modern but it also sounds modern. The headphones are slightly biased towards contemporary electronic music. So, if you are a fan of acoustic music, then Beats Solo 3 might not suit you well. Beats Solo 3 offers the most pleasure when you are rocking the 21st-century jams and electronic music. There is a certain bass element that kicks in quite nicely.

4. Extreme comfort

Beats SoloBeats Solo 3 uses really soft ear pads to give you a really comfortable fit. These headphones are not going to clip your ears as some others do. The cups fit very comfortably on your ears. It actually contributes a lot to the noise canceling properties of Beats Solo 3. The metal rails do extend quite long so that no matter what head shape you have, Beats Solo 3 will find a perfect fit on your head. Even if you go jogging, these headphones are not going to come off. Even though there might be a light pressure you feel in the first few days of use, give it time to adjust, and in a few days’ time, Solo 3 will give you a comfortable fit all day long.

5. High sound quality

The sound quality doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to Beats Solo 3. The headphones are quite bass loving, and you will feel that once you start to listen to the music, it churns out. The Beats lineup of headphones were never really bad performers when it came to sound quality, and Solo 3 just amplifies it to the next level. The bass is quite heavy, so if you’re not a big fan of heavy bass sounds, you can always adjust it using the equalizer.

6. Good-looking

soloBeats Solo 3 is made to create a fashion statement. Don’t get us wrong though! They do perform well; they just look awesome while doing it! Beats Solo 3 comes in a host of trendy colors. Even if you own a flashy smartphone, Beats has just the colors to match it! The reason why Beats could experiment with such trendy and flashy colors can be attributed to the plastic build. It just lends a lot of freedom when compared to metallic builds and Beats has exploited this freedom wonderfully. Even if you want to spot a stealth look or a flashy party look, Beats Solo 3 has all the color options that can make it possible.

THE BOTTOM LINE – Should You Go For One?

If you have been a fan of what Beats had to offer, you would like this new offering from their stables. It makes all the right noises, and true to its brand, doesn’t just sound great but looks amazing too, making it a great outdoor choice. On the other hand, if you are a music purist, you may not like the Beats Solo 3 much. The tinkering and adjustment means that the raw voice quality is put out and you get a more balanced noise. While that does make for a pleasing effect, it’s not something purists would prefer. Beats has basically taken the much-loved Solo 2 wireless and went on to improve its battery life significantly. The other thing is that it is still quite high priced. If you already own a previous Beats product, especially from the Solo range, you may want to give this one a miss.