As vice president of customer experience, I regularly talk with customers to understand their needs and learn how we can better serve our clients. Some days I end up with a long list of suggestions for improving the company and our platform. Other days, I can’t help but smile and say, “Yes! We’re making a difference!”

Of course it’s a really great day when a customer tells you your product is right up there with sliced bread and butter. That’s exactly what the folks at Republic County Hospital recently told us.

Republic County HospitalRepublic, a 25-bed critical access hospital in Belleville, Kansas implemented our Aventura Roaming Aware Desktop solution in March 2015. Republic discovered Aventura when searching for a single sign-on option to navigate their multiple layers of security.

Like many organizations, Republic runs several different applications and each requires users to enter a separate log-on and password. Ed Stiner, Republic’s director of information technology, noted that “It not only took a long time to log in because you might need to enter credentials for two, three, or four different applications, it also took a good memory because you had to remember all the log-ons and passwords.” Stiner added that users would regularly forgot their credentials, requiring administrators to log in and perform a reset.

Another problem was that users had to continually log on and off computers as they moved around the hospital. The process was so time-consuming and cumbersome that the physicians had actually quit using the system.

After reviewing several SSO alternatives, Republic selected Aventura’s platform, which offered the functionality they required and was compatible with their existing IT infrastructure. A few months after the implementation we checked in with Stiner and other members of Republic’s management team to see how things were going – and were thrilled to hear their positive feedback.

Stiner noted that within two weeks of going live, they had seen a “huge decrease” in the number of password resets and forgotten passwords and doctors were using the system more than ever before.

Surgical Services and Outpatient Director Rebecca Brown told us the workflow was “so much easier and the staff frustration level was 90% less.” Director of Nursing Diane Reed added that they had been able to increase the amount of time staff spent in patients’ rooms by 85% and nurses were now charting at the bedside.

“Before the staff wasn’t charting in the room because it took too long with all the multiple log-ons to get in and out of the system. Now we just tap, click, and we are in and out in no time.” Reed believes patient care is enhanced and charting is more likely to be accurate because nurses are entering information “right when it happens,” rather than after rounding all the patients.

Aventura The Republic team estimates that Aventura’s platform is saving staff “hours” a day – leading Brown to declare the solution is, “right up there with sliced bread and butter!”

From a financial perspective, CFO Barry Bottger also gave the Aventura solution a thumbs up. “The startup cost wasn’t all that bad for what it has done to employee satisfaction and morale. The ongoing cost is minimal and it’s definitely been worth the investment.”

Finally, we even heard great feedback from the top: CEO Blaine Miller confirmed that the Aventura solution has been worth the investment. “We are always concerned about HIPAA compliance and the need to have strong passwords. Aventura has eliminated our constant challenge of resetting passwords and ensuring that our staff remembered them because now the system handles it.”

Miller summed it up by adding, “Happy nurses and happy doctors make for a happy administrator.”

And obviously happy customers like Republic definitely make all of us at Aventura very happy!

Imagine how much time your staff could save in a day and what that could mean at your hospital.  If you’d like to learn more about Republic’s implementation of the Aventura solution, please let me know!

– Bonny Roberts, VP of Customer Experience