How It Works

Aventura takes responsibility for the entire desktop clinical experience.

The Aventura Enterprise Operating Framework is designed to take a big load off your shoulders. Anybody can do one-off scripts (you know, make this piece talk to that piece). But no one else has a fundamental architectural solution that ties all this stuff together and centrally manages it. With Aventura, you design rules and policies that change the desktop by clinician, by location, even by patient. So the right desktop and the right apps show up almost instantly, no matter where the clinician shows up.

This means centralization, with or without VDI.

Aventura supports virtual desktop technologies including Terminal Services, Citrix, and VMWare, but for the first time you can use Aventura’s DSB to roam a desktop infrastructure with just your existing PCs – no VDI required. Our platform can even deliver a single, centralized desktop management platform in a mixed VDI/non-VDI environment. PCs are grouped into cells for easier management and standardized look and feel within a specific location in your hospital.

We’ll even ease your printing headaches.

Aventura automatically reassigns default printers for both back-end and Windows printing as your clinicians move about the hospital. We alert users if there’s an error with their EMR print job and instantly give them the ability to reroute the job to another nearby printer. We also take over management of Windows printer tables and make them all dynamic. This means no more workflow interruptions for caregivers and a major reduction in printer and print driver management for I.T.

Look under the hood.

Putting all of your disparate systems into one architectural framework changes everything. We move things that weren’t designed to be moved. We coordinate things that were designed to work independently. We teach your PCs how to roam dynamic sessions. And we can make everything work with or without a VDI – or even in a mixed environment – with the hardware and software you already have.

For answers to your questions, start with our FAQ here.

Core Components



Every good piece of middleware needs a home. The AV Server is headquarters for all of the components that enable near-instant logins, dynamic desktop management and Aventura dynamic default printing.

At the heart of the server lies the AV Rules Engine. It provides the intelligence to update desktops and applications based on a clinician’s location. As they move from one location to another, the AV Rules Engine responds in real-time with predetermined rules, modifying your applications and desktop with clinician-optimized workflows and printers.

During an active virtual desktop session the AV Session Manager determines whether the clinician has moved and then checks with the AV Rules Engine to find out what rules apply to the new location.

This is where the data lives, including: user session and location information, end point device registration, token information and printer management data.

This is Aventura’s universal communications protocol that allows real-time management of all applications and operating layers.

These print routers alleviate major headaches by dynamically managing all of your Windows and backend printing. They know what’s up, what’s down, what’s close, what’s far. They accept print jobs from any location and send it to the nearest printer that has ink, is plugged in, and is in the mood to print.

None of this magic can happen without our local software running on every clinician desktop or device. The AV Client supports XP, Windows 7, XPE and Windows Embedded Standard (other platforms coming soon).