Solving the Speech Recognition Dilemma

Aventura for Speech Recognition (ASR) is a workflow optimization solution that addresses common obstacles like profile load times, microphone connection issues, and extended logoff sequencing. ASR makes data entry via dictation fast and easy – driving adoption and improving clinical documentation. Leveraging Aventura’s unique situational awareness software, ASR simultaneously authenticates physicians and launches the speech application – along with the rest of their desktop – with a single secure card tap. ASR slashes start up time from minutes to seconds and automates and accelerates the logout process, eliminating the risk of data loss by shutting down prematurely.


  • Compatible with a wide variety of speech recognition software applications
  • Fast access to the desktop
  • Instant disconnect
  • Obscure screen
  • Automated timeout
  • Default printer reassignment upon roam
  • Intelligent application launch/restrict
  • Single Sign-On capable and works with any existing SSO solution

Impact for Physicians:

  • Increases efficiency of doctors by eliminating technology obstacles
  • Ensures proper microphone operation by controlling specific start up sequencing
  • Provides physicians with a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment by allowing them to focus on treating the patient instead of treating the computer
  • Enables real-time documentation leading to higher quality care

Impact for IT:

  • Works in virtualized environments with roaming and shared desktops (kiosks)
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Reduces help desk calls
  • Improves security

Impact for the Organization:

  • Maximizes use of expensive hardware/software technology
  • Optimizes the revenue cycle by providing more accurate documentation, better compliance to