iSymphony V1Blue Bluetooth Stereo System

The iSymphony V1Blue is a Bluetooth stereo system. The system can connect with other compatible devices such as iPods, headphones, and cell phones. You can find the iSymphony V1Blue for a price between $125 and $175. Let’s look at some of the features offered by this stereo system.
The iSymphony V1Blue provides up to 45 watts of output power. The system features two 10-watt channels and a 25-watt subwoofer. This enables the unit to produce ample noise. Also, the iSymphony V1Blue is equipped with an integrated equalizer. The equalizer has four preset settings, including rock, pop, classical, and jazz.

The iSymphony V1Blue is also featured a built-in speakerphone. This enables you to connect the system to your phone and talk to people via the full-duplex speakerphone. If you’re listening to music files and receive an incoming call, the iSymphony V1Blue will interrupt the music and notify you of the request. You can easily switch between playing music and talking on the speakerphone.

This stereo system is also equipped with a CD player. The CD player can play CD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs. The iSymphony V1Blue provides enough memory to program up to 64 tracks for your playlist. The player will also showcase the ID3 tags of your .wma and .mp3 files on the VFD color display. You can also play audio files directly from flash memory devices, thanks to the USB port provided on the iSymphony V1Blue.

If you have SD, MMC, or memory stick cards, then you can use the provided slots on the iSymphony V1Blue to playback music files. The unit is also packaged with remote control. This allows you to control your iPod or other Bluetooth compatible device via the remote. Another useful feature of the iSymphony V1Blue is the clock radio. You can set the clock radio to wake you up to the sounds of your communication, audio disc, or iPod.

The iSymphony V1Blue is a feature-rich Bluetooth stereo system. The unit includes a built-in speakerphone that you can connect to your cell phone for conference calls. If you receive a call while listening to music, the system will notify you so that you can switch over. The iSymphony V1Blue can also play music files from CDs, memory cards, and USB flash memory devices. The stereo system also has an integrated equalizer complete with four preset settings.