The Flexible Situational Awareness Platform for Highly Secure, Personalized Clinical Desktops

Secure. Personalized. Interoperable. Critical requirements for healthcare providers when it comes to key EMR/HIS systems, but ones that are often hard to obtain in a single platform. That’s no longer the case.

Aventura’s Sympatica situational awareness platform provides you with all three critical features in a flexible, modular offering that fits every operational need and budget. Choose from any of three levels of functionality to solve a specific issue or leverage all three for a complete, integrated clinical desktop solution.



Sympatica’s Security module provides stand-alone computer access security without the need to install Single Sign On (SSO). Two factor authentication or “Pin and Go” capability is an ideal solution for organizations that use control/alt/del open desktops or open desktops with no other security. Learn more >>

personalized desktop

Personalized Desktop

Eliminate the cumbersome, time-consuming login/logout process for every location change with Sympatica’s Personalized Desktop module. Sympatica’s advanced roaming awareness technology provides a customized clinical computing experience that combines fast access, SSO, and protected health information (PHI) security features to support mobile technicians. Learn more >>

Contextual Interoperability

Contextual Interoperability

Sympatica’s Contextual Interoperability module offers clinicians real-time interoperability of disparate EHR systems based on patient context. This functionality integrates third party applications that support strategic clinical, financial, and operational initiatives saving time and eliminating the frustration of accessing multiple systems. Learn more >>

With the Sympatica platform’s flexible “get what you need” design, you can start with any of the individual modules and build over time into a fully integrated suite of clinical computing tools.