We continually hear about all the new MP3 related inventions out there. Most of the designs revolve around current MP3 players that are popular. The more modern inventions are taking these name brand items and added slight advancements to them. Occasionally, someone comes along who wants to enhance the MP3 player concept itself. No name brands are needed to fund or provide them with the marketing medium to sell the product. Their invention is just a smart idea that is just cool to know about. Designer Jin-Woo Han is one of these individuals who decided to make the MP3 that much more relaxed.

Designers and inventors alike have been creating designs to make the outside of the MP3 player that much more interesting. This has resulted in the creation of MP3 pens, ties, and even shoes. Nike created a pair of shoes that actually allows you to connect your MP3 chip to them and listen to your music as you run.

Jin-Woo Han felt the need to create another way to listen to your music on the go. In fact, he wanted to create an “established/distinguished” way to listen to your MP3 player. Thus, the birth of the first every MP3 tie clip was born. You no longer have dress up nice and kill the style with a bulky looking MP3 player. Welcome to the future of a distinguished MP3 look.

When it comes to the MP3 player tire clip, what you see is what you get. Your colleagues will become quickly drawn to your tie clip for a few reasons. One, they will be wondering why a headphone cord is going up to your ear from the device. Two, they will be able to see the exact song you are listening to by just looking at the tie clip. Scrolled across the tie clip will be the title and artist of what you are listening to.

This is made possible because Han designed a multipurpose display device that incorporates LCD display technology. The screen pure has a single-line display that will display the song information or even a special message you decided to write.

Jin-Woo Han was able to create the device by recreating the MP3 player’s internal set-up. He had to plot a plan that saw him take apart the current MP3 design and put it back together in his own way. The result was this neat little tie clip. Reviews of the product by several tech geek web blogs have been incredibly positive.

Many of them feel that this invention is top of the line and will draw some interest. Han was smart enough to create the product himself without any corporate backing. This allows him to market the idea himself and make more money if he was ever to enter a partnership. Be smart and cool the next time you go out to an important function. Pick up one of Han’s tie clips and feel ultra-cool.